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When jerkin off with the palm of your hand over the tip of your penis and your fingers around the shaft, proceed to blow a load in your hand and slap someone with your cum filled hand.
My mom walked in on me while I was jerkin it, so i klossed that bitch.
by U Strokeet Al Wauch September 20, 2005
German word for "loo". It also means the whole bathroom.
Wo ist das Klo? Ich will mir mal die Hände waschen......
(Where is the bathroom? I want to wash my hands.....)
by Foxwild August 21, 2006
awsome, sexy, chill,beast, nice
a word that means all the good discribing words
pornoced like chole cept no E sound
dude your so klo
by alesana4ever April 19, 2011
Hanging out in a group, sometimes in context with drinking coffee.
Everybody was kloing down at the guys' apartment.
by Aduro Media April 04, 2006
Word used to describe one's name that begins with K and last named is Lopez. Rip of of the common J-Lo, used as a nickname to the actress/singer Jennifer Lopez. K-Lo was first used to describe Kristen Lopez, the most sexy Phillipino emo kid alive.
That girl is not as hot as K-Lo.
by lemonhead January 26, 2005
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