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Changed his name serveral times and once just for one reason:
"Puff" means in german "body shop". Therefore he is a whoremaster of ugly rap.
Girl: He protects me cause he's my Puff Daddy
by Foxwild August 26, 2006
There are two kinds of victims. The one who feels himself accountable for the mistakes of others and somebody who is turned into the part of victim by somebody.
-Pete hates himself. His mother drinks a lot and is often mad. He makes himself responsible for that condition.

-If she`s angry, she beats him always a long time. He is her own victim.
by Foxwild August 21, 2006
German word for "loo". It also means the whole bathroom.
Wo ist das Klo? Ich will mir mal die Hände waschen......
(Where is the bathroom? I want to wash my hands.....)
by Foxwild August 21, 2006
Pull-out-before-cumming. The finest excuse, if you don't want to use a condom. Now it's the woman's job to concentrate about the point-of-no-return, except she wants to be pregnant.
Take it easy honey! If there is no condom, I make a pobc.
Of course i'm carefully.....
by Foxwild August 21, 2006
Pisse is a german word for a lot of situations. It means that something is terrible or ugly. The translation of Pisse is 'spicy' urine.
Das schmeckt verdammt pisse.
-That tastes like fucking hell.

Was bist du denn für ein Pisser?
-Are you damn stupid or something?

Das sieht pisse aus!
-That looks like you found it on the street!
by Foxwild August 21, 2006
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