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to discreetly pilfers someone's pen, to sneakily take, As in the President of Czech Republic, Vaklav Klaus, taking the pen from the Chilean President
Office Worker: Who Klaused my pen?
Office Worker2: I saw little Johnny at your desk yesterday.
by randomuser7 April 13, 2011
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To ridicule another or a situation without knowledge that the gag or play is in actual fact on one self
Tom was klaused by Debbie's attempt to create good humor on the conference.
by StrawberryMan May 11, 2011
When a guy you know is a dirt-bag convinces you to give him one more chance, again. Then you get screwed over and you kick yourself, promising to never trust him again. Then it happens again.
You got Klaused.

Don't get Klaused.
by Mr Gullible March 19, 2013

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