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To be great in every way. A greatness that came before space and time and goes beyond consiousness and belief. A combination of omnipotent, awesome, godly and great etc...
He was so Kittle!

I love it, its totaly Kittle!

I wish he was Kittle!

Ive never seen something that big, he was Kittle!
by Jimmy Kay January 17, 2008
Noun. Two (2) or More Little Kids.
Wow! There are a lot of kittles running around in Chuckie Cheese.
by MissNikkiBabii December 11, 2009
1a) A kiss that occurs right after one or both parties have eaten Skittles.
1b) To kiss someone after eating a Skittle.

-That was the most amazing strawberry kittle ever!
-Mmmmm, I love Kittles!
by C. Bukowski March 21, 2008