a term used in certain gangs mostly in New Orleans, to identify once someone has killed
tc was a kit but now he a k.i.t. k.a.t.
by tbird1233 July 20, 2008
A girl's private parts
"My dress is too short, someone's going to end getting a view of my Kit-Kat."
"Do you know any spas that give vajacials, my Kit-Kat needs one."
by Geekkitty June 09, 2015
to have sex, coming from the term "breaking off" or "breaking off a piece of that" used in the song "Every Girl" by Lil' Wayne
"Kit kat a midget if that ass soft I break her off"
by Stranger5k August 11, 2009
where a girl/boy has missing limbs in an obvious part of the body, Kit Kat refers to the amount of limbs the said person has left.
ben: yo, did you see that Kit Kat?

harvey: you sick fucking bastard that my girlfriend!

ben: oh shit, sorry pal, i didnt know !
by the unknown character. April 02, 2011
Kit Kat - Fingering a persons asshole and you come out with brown fingers.
"Hey bro, what happened last night?"
"I kit kat'd that girl"
"You are my hero"
by Dragon123321 November 20, 2013
When you are drunk and having sex, then one by one, sticking your fingers up the guys ass until there are 4 fingers in.
I did the Kit-Kat to a guy last night
by TheFunTimesOfCollege May 31, 2011
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