everyone @ work that sux off the boss
joe is such a kissass im suprised he doesnt hold the boss' nuts when he pees
by robwestcoast September 27, 2006
Someone eager to please another person out of desperation by paying compliments and other pathetic stuff.
Normal guy "Hey I'm from Ireland just to let you know"

Ass kisser "You're Irish, oh cool Irish people are so badass are so sexy"

Normal guy "Yeah and you're a feckin kiss ass gay, You weren't saying that when my family came to America ages ago were you.

Ass kisser "I'm Irish too"

Normal guy "That's it kissing my ass is one thing but claiming to be Irish when you're not is just asking for a boot up your ass"
by Smack jack March 13, 2010
A kiss-ass, otherwise known as a teacher's pet, brown-noser, or in case of the office, a 'Yes,man/woman', is a person who will constantly suck up to a person in a higher position, hoping to gain attention and/or favor.

They are the ones who are in the office on weekends (usually the only ones there), while everybody else is having fun. Or they are usually the first ones there and the last to leave.

They generally allow themselves to be stepped on, walked over, and shit on, all in the hopes their efforts will be noticed by their superiors.
Brad: Hey, is Jim going to join us at the baseball game?

Tom: Nah. He's too busy pulling an all-nighter at the office

Brad: What a corporate kiss ass
by marc2010 June 01, 2012
genrally likes to lick peoples ass holes.
Ah John went and told the principal i had got miss Jones pregnant, hes such a kiss ass.
by defineham December 02, 2010
Someone who kisses lots of ass and then licks his lips just to get the crap that he missed off his face so no one will suspect.
Joshua Breckman
by ANDATOLIP June 18, 2003
When you can't believe something
Kiss my -------> (_!_)
by hexaGonmaN April 28, 2004
This boy named Benton at my school
Benton isa kiss ass
by cookie crisp April 28, 2003
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