(1. A nice thing that a guy and a girl do to express their feelings (or to just have some fun).

(2. A 70's rock band who really were a let down. They dress just like a total heavy metal hard band. The makeup, the steel, spiked armor and axe guitar, yet listen to them. "I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night" doesn't really sound like heavy metal to me.
(1. Billy:"Dude, my girlfriend touched my lips with hers!"

Brad:"Um...That's called a kiss, dude."

(2. Brad: "Man, have you ever seen the band Kiss?"

Billy: "Yea, what about em?"

Brad: "Well, look at em! Don't they look hard-ass?"

Billy: "Uh...they suck, man."

Brad: "Oh..."
by 7-String February 16, 2010
Apart from its English meaning, kiss also exists in Arabic, especially in lebanese arabic where it means the woman's sex.
Kiss immak : son of bitch
by Amine Janbein August 15, 2007
Keep It Simple Stupid. Keep It Simple SexyKeep. It Simple Stud. Keep It Simple Shitty. Keep It Simple Shithole. Keep It Simple Sally. Keep It Simple Sarah. Keep It Simple Simon. Keep It Simple Slut.
Me and you, lets K.I.S.S.!
by J_Bomb June 02, 2007
Keep It Simple, Stupid
What you say when you are in a mediocre restaurant, and the person you are with wants to order something very complicated. The theory is that while the restaurant probably does pretty well with simple things, if you try to go beyond their range (even if the entree is on the menu, and looks appealing), you will realize that you're not at the Ritz-- you're at the 99.
person1: So, what are you going to order?
person2: I think I'll have the penne pasta with the white wine sauce, roasted cherry tomatos, asparagus, and broccoli. And for dessert, creme brulee. That sounds good, doesn't it? What are you having?
person1: A burger with fries. KISS.
by bandcampgirl183 October 04, 2005
The starting line....

somewhere men can start slowly working there way to the pants...
Robert kissed me on the lips then the chest thn my stomach then....

(well you get the picture)
by *dreamer* May 22, 2005
1- vagina in arabic, common word used in the lebanese dilect to describe a woman's vagina

2-Also used express common anger or disappointment
1- This woman has a shaved kiss!

2- John:What happened Larry?
Larry: I wrecked my car. Kiss ekhet hal chaghle be ayre(translates: fuck this shit!!)
by MEastern Urban researcher August 01, 2009
the cure to all EVIL!
The angry devilish man kissed me and then i fell in love even tho he had just tried to kill me with his huge steak
by Carly2010 August 08, 2006

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