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Infamous iRO chaos E-whore. Most commonly referred to as Manda. Well known for E-dating multiple people simultaneously, and leeching from other players stupid enough to buy her shit. "Indecent" pictures of her are being spread around the RI forums and recently displayed on YTMND.com along with other E-whores. Currently is a member of the Neverend guild and is incredibly emo.
currently active accounts:
Kisike - 8x/5x WoE/PvP Support High Priestess
Passion` - 7x/3x Afkemist

"I took those pictures a long time ago for someone I cared, and do care, very much about. It's not something I did for zeny or items, or anything like that. I did it because I loved someone, and wanted to share that with them"

psh, right! thx 4 the CP!
by 36 crazy fists January 14, 2007
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