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Communist hipster, someone who adores communism and combines it with his or her hipster lifestyle.
Oh that guy Nikola, he's such a kipster. Listening to Arcade Fire and wearing Che Guevara t-shirts.
by RedVC January 30, 2014
A person that wears a small hat resembling a kippa and thus sees him/or herself as a hipster.
That guys is such a wannabe hipster.
Yeah! He is a total kipster.
by Kipster101 October 23, 2015
Someone who is more likely to fall asleep than accomplish something worthwhile
OMG kipster he was afk and u couldnt even kill him.. n00b!
by f00b June 12, 2006
A kid that has not hit puberty yet but is already exhibiting hipster tendencies, whether it be in fashion, cultural preferences, or general demeanor.
Check out Little Billy's outfit. God, what a total kipster!
by Bert Macklin, FBI February 20, 2013
a hipster person who is also Korean.
1. Wow, look at all those kipsters hanging out at the cafe!

2. So, I asked that kipster chick if she was going to Phil's party.
by bobby_pots September 30, 2010
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