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"Not the same as swallow". (JaneAnne's dictionary of onomatopoeic sexual terms - CGA press 2004).

A term used by Glaswegians to indicate that someone performing fellatio did not want to finish off by swallowing his or her partner's semen.
Haw Maw, did ye hear we Jimmy greetin' how Senga would only gie'im a kingfisher? Ungrateful bam.
by The Crimson Fish November 30, 2004
2 more definitions the most popular beer in India. It's also brewed there. Most foreign people tend to hate it, and wouldn't even use it to wash their butts.
Ranjit: Do you want to try some Indian beer? It's called King Fisher.
Hans: Yes sure.

Hans takes a sip, and spits it all out.
Hans: This is absolutely scheiße! German beer ftw.
Ranjit: madar chod
by meisterphiz October 07, 2011
A hole in the ground where numpty's go to process fish
Look at that fuckwit numpty - he must be off to Kingfisher
by Nizzle O'Reilly May 04, 2007

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