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Jamaican Word For A Police Officer..KingFish Are Some Ruthless Police Officer That Doesnt Care Bout Rules They'll Do Anything Beat U, Shoot U, Anything.
"Yo My Yute KingFish Dem Correll Di Place, Dash Weh Yuh Strap"
Translation: Yo Da Police Surround the place, Through away your gun"
by L@NDO @LL OUT June 27, 2009
A species of white fish in the ocean that black people are deathly scared of and one of the main reasons they don't go into the ocean.
Son: Dad, I need to go pee and the bathroom is to far away.
Dad: Then go pee in the ocean.
Son: Man, I don't want to go in the ocean. They got King fish and barracuda in the water
by V of R August 14, 2011
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