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Not realizing how drunk you were lastnight till you wake up the next morning hating life.
I totally pulled a Kinger lastnight.
by amanda Kinger May 06, 2010
turns u on adn gives a great fuck sexy kind and just fit all over
fit,sexy, great shager,turns u on
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
A lazy, bone idle person.

The King of procrastination.
Person 1: Oh man I can't be bothered today
Person 2: Do a Kingers then
by YoMamma1Me August 30, 2013
Another name for a Holden Kingswood car in Australia.
"Lets go take the Kinger out for a spin!"
by Da Man! January 09, 2005
Someone who trys with all his/her might to do his and everyone elses work in order to get in the good graces of management.
Kinger is kissing ass again
by matt April 12, 2004
legend, #1g, got great friends lake, mike,rand,and more got a loveley girlfriend as well michaela i shes me babe
by kinger September 19, 2003

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