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A term that originated out of Ottawa, Canada, inspired by a local legend known as the Notorious K.I.N.G. It means to get sloppy and enjoy one's liquor/blow a bit too much.
Man, I was so king'd last night I threw up all over Zaphods. I feel so embarassed.
#drunk #crunk #sloppy #crazy #hammered #sloshed #blitzed
by Kaitlin234 May 14, 2006
To fry or show up someone. Make another person look dumb.
Tom told Peter to step off. Peter then proceded to punch Tom in the face and spit on him. Tom totally got king'd.
#fry #burn #show-up #dumb #tag
by sonstfu October 10, 2006
An absolute champ of a bloke. Often idolized by his co workers. Has been known to keep the company of extremely actractive women.
"I was out with king D the other night, man I wish I was as cool as he".
#legend #king #dan #sick cunt #m.c
by RoyalT May 04, 2014
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