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Where a girl sucks a one guys dick while jacking two others off.
Dude, last night Jenna definitely did the Flamingo
by Logan hammer May 07, 2011
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when a girl stands on top of her bed one one foot and shits on her partners ear
my girl friend gave me the flamingo last night
by Ya Boy Brizz Ya Dig August 15, 2007
The King of Town's buffalo wing napkin. He needs it. He's got, like, 50 frickin' wings here!
BOOOOP! BOOOOP! BOOOOP! This is a napkin alert, Marzipan! I've napkin! It's the one I always use when I eat buffalo wings, and I can't find it anywhere. Now, it answers to the name, "The Flamingo". So if you've seen it, please have it give me a call. I've got like, fifty frickin' wings sittin' here! I can't eat these things without The Flamingo!
Um... sorry for... the loud talkin'. This is the KoT... in the place to be.
by VolatileChemical April 09, 2005

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