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Right before a male is about to ejaculate while having intercourse(oral included), he pulls out and cums behind a females ear. Usually a picture is taken for proof of such an accomplishment, but is not necessary to pull off the maneuver. If you want to make this experience a little more entertaining have her try to lick the cum up from behind her ear, and tell her if she does not try for at least 3 minutes the picture you have taken of her with a load of baby batter behind her ear will be released on the internet or if taken with phone sent out in a mass text. (JUST TELL HER THAT YOU WILL PUT IT ON THE INTERNET OR SEND IT IN A MASS TEXT. DO NOT ACTUALLY SEND IT OUT! IF SHE SAYS NO...SHE SAYS NO! AND YOU JUST TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME!).
1."She let me give her a Kimzl!"

2."Yo I Kimzled Katherine last night"
by MF Kimzl February 07, 2010
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