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Truly one of the greatest metal bands of our time. Far better thany any of this nu-metal crap, they combine heavy riffs and bellowings with a truly beautiful chorus that culminates in tunes that define true Goths with posers.
Their best songs are Fixation on the Darkness and When Darkness Falls.
Killswitch Engage had an excellent track, When Darkness Falls, on the Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack.
by Jason Voorhees October 24, 2003
163 73
The best metal band of all time, a band which blends both heavy, aggressive metal with catchy tunes and awesome guitar riffs.
Killswitch Engage's second CD is better than the first, I think.
by Deathcow February 07, 2004
746 297
A tremendous metal band responsible for three of the best albums ever put on CD and a ferocious live act. KsE blend heavy metal riffage, great lyrics and a superb sense of melody to create a superb band.
'Rose Of Sharyn' is a great example of their music.
by Ali October 25, 2004
525 135
Truly exellent "newcomer band" on the Heavy Metal scene. Their newest album is just awesome (their first albums were cool as well), the production is really great. Blends agressive guitar riffs and heavy drums with lyrics emphasizing love, respect and other good things wich make them truly unique! Keep them heads bangin' Howard!
Me: Man, I wish KsE would come to Tallahassee some time!
by Decay December 13, 2004
401 120
the best metal band of this era. kick fucking ass. awesome lyrics, sick riffs, and great tone. these days their arent alot of good bands, but killswitch definately fuckin rules.
person 1: hey man, what are you listening to?

person 2: the killers!!!!

person 1: fuck that gay ass shit, listen to some killswitch, you fuckin pansy.
by MetallilbangeR April 03, 2005
376 153
Great metal band which blends aggressive metal verse into a melodic chorus.
by anonymous October 21, 2003
335 118
Audio cocaine. An amazing metalcore band currently with three albums. They are: Self-Titled, Alive or Just Breathing and The End of Heartache. Buy them all you won't regret it.
Download 'Temple from the Within', 'Wasted Sacrifice', and 'My Last Serenade'.
by Ryan Collins August 05, 2005
278 88
Best beats best lyrics, the only band that comes close is Shadows fall!
every past presant and future Member is awesome! everyone person who is a fan of KSE is more than likely a cool person man, i'm glad i was listining to the Metal channel March 2002. well, even if i wasent, there growing fast!
no matter what happens to this band they will still be the best ever, even there new singer sounds almost identical to the old one!
In the Unblind
just barily breathing
to the sons of man
any of there songs
by „¤„¦„©„¢ November 01, 2003
299 179