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Pestilence of fansubbing that has lead to the acronym "aj" meaning "absolute junk". Complete disregard to any asian language, namely Japanese and Korean.
"your f*cks and your tradors!!!"
"Prelude of the Baridegi princess (Scrapped Princess 1)"
"Mass naked child events"
by mf January 27, 2004
-everyone makes mistakes
-but...not so often and not so blatant mistakes like killshok does
by b4k4^2 July 14, 2003
Person with big ego, who excells in the art of irritating others.
Oh my god! he's such a Killshock! We almost need a second IRC channel for his enormous ego!
by Shiro July 10, 2003
- A total reject of society
- A good representation of the central American population (those who voted for Bush)

by EDITED BY KILLSHOK November 04, 2004
1. to mangle typesetting so bad that it puts it on another level.
2. To use warez Vegas Video (LOL not even AE), to make ugly text effects
<@@@@@> even if i tried, I couldn't make something as ugly as Killshok did in <any aj show>
by ara_ara May 04, 2003
to absorb energy (specially from electrical sources) and releasing a by product of a matter less than zero. for those dumb-asses, it means trying for something good but making shit instead.
gundam seed(OR any anime) + animejunkies( x * y + killshok) = retarded.
by killshok July 23, 2003
Bandai's slut who has a mouse trap jammed into his dick. Stopped subbing Gundam Seed because he can't get a 2x4 outta his ass.
by Sebster August 11, 2003
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