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4 definitions by Shiro

The teacher I would like to be.
Where do I pass the Furyo/Yankee exam?
by Shiro July 10, 2003
Person with big ego, who excells in the art of irritating others.
Oh my god! he's such a Killshock! We almost need a second IRC channel for his enormous ego!
by Shiro July 10, 2003
What to say after, or sometimes before, you pwn someone or make a point.
1. You're not only a vapid, lying hypocrite, but you hate everyone who has anything resembling a conscience. You sir, DESERVE to be a moron. Now watch this drive.

2. (On an FPS server)

BlackHawkDown: Now watch this drive.

*Naruto has been fragged by BlackHawkDown*
*Johnson got served by BlackHawkDown*
*Screamer43 is now BlackHawkDown's biatch*
by Shiro July 07, 2004
n: Soulbonding-
The peculiar notion that one can have a friendship with fictional characters.

n: Soulbond- A character that one who does this claims to do it with.

v: To `Soulbond` is to engage in this oddity.
This guy talks about the Harry Potter books like they were real events. 5-to-1 says that he soulbonds.
by Shiro November 04, 2003