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An uncommon surname in the U.S. Kilgore's are stubborn but intelligent and don't like to be wrong. They tend to fix things until they get them right.
"That Kilgore child sure is stubborn."
by imprvnana April 29, 2009
Pretty much the greatest place ever. Best known for fine Mexican cuisine such as Burrito Shop and Cocaine Dave's. Would most likely whoop your high school's ass in football, especially if you're a wimpy little white boy from a suburb of Houston or Dallas. (Kingwood or Highland Park)
"Hey, wanna get our ass beat then go eat the best food ever?"

"Yeah. Let's go to Kilgore!"
by Matt Tankersley December 02, 2009
A person who stalks someone for no reason
Man 1: Wow this guy was following me around the halls for no reason
Man 2: Oh must have been doing a Kilgore...
Man 1: What a creeper!
by WordD51 October 03, 2010
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