A low-lying backstabbing over-dramatic skanky whore who tries to act "COOL"
"hey, I think her boyfriend's cute"
- perfect example of a khushi
by sickofit June 01, 2005
Top Definition
1)the most funny person ever
2)The most cutest,trustworthy friend anyone can ever have.
I am soo happy i have a friend like Khushi
by Arsalna February 10, 2005
a wonderful, happy, loving person
Khushi is such a sweetheart!
by KDMaraj May 14, 2007
Happy, glad, happiness
May God fill your life with lots of Khushi
by arfee February 01, 2010
The giggliest and most trustworthy friend a person can have, you can count on her any time to brighten up your day
Everyone needs a KHUSHI
by DEVANSHI February 08, 2005
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