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Beautiful, unique and independent. Self sufficient and brave. Tough yet lady-like w/ kind eyes. Always laughing and smiling. A very happy person. The sweetest thing to wake up to in the morning. Someone special to know.
I've never met anyone like Khloe. She's one of a kind.
by Khloe's Mum May 31, 2009
a rockstarr......
khloe rulez......lol
by jennifer December 19, 2003
1. A set of 3 options where one option is considerably less desirable than the other two.
2. The less desirable option in the set of three.
"Where do you want to go for lunch?"
"I just want a sub, so either Potbelly, Quiznos or Subway."
"So Quiznos or Potbelly, no need to consider the Khloe."
by ZombieDr December 19, 2011
The ugliest one in a sibset
My sisters are so much prettier than me. I'm such a Khloe
by fucksticks June 08, 2011
Name is really Chloe, but thinks its cool to spell it with a "K". Has red hair.

The definition of a hipster.
Look at Khloe! She is a real hipster!
by Vebe sunshine November 23, 2010