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a fun, crazy, beautiful person shes weird, wacky, and awesome! Everyone wants to be a kharissa because every boy likes her shes sweet nice and BEAUTIFUL boys practically chase her shes smart too! Boys usually fight for her and she will know but act like she doesnt shes a crazy and fun person she'll break a room full of silence to a room full of laughter ALL IN ALL if you have a friend like kharissa hold her tight because she is sensitive shes also really good in bed they also fall in love with usually any boy whos name starts with a J
"man kharissa must be awesome in bed" "oh yea"
by URBANLOVER1000 November 06, 2013
A female who enjoys the company of farm animals more than people. Can be seen in full blown relationships with goats, pigs and even birds. Prefers raising mini-horses instead of human children and even believes herself to be a horse at times.
"Dude theres a Kharissa in my math class, she smells like donkey all the time"

by Apostrophe21 September 02, 2008
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