someone who is weak and used their phone as a social crutch, he/she will say shit online and/or behind your back but not to your face.
"She is such a keyboard warrior" "Weak ass bitch"
by Candy182829 January 23, 2015
A person who expresses militant opinions, especially in support of war, but is too cowardly to do anything about it. The modern incarnation of the chickenhawk.
If you believe in it so much, quit being a keyboard warrior and get your own fat ass over there to fight.
by SuperMagus January 23, 2007
One who strictly uses the keyboard to compete in online games.

The origin of Keyboard Warrior originated in Quake games. A number of players pride themselves on defeating others who use mouse while they use keyboard only.
Joe got fragged by KeyboardWarrior


Keyboard Warrior: LOL
by theeeeeman August 09, 2011
A boy/girl that has so much time they are always on their phone, texting, bbming whatever the weather, weasing birds in the most unballsy manner
Yeah you know that Sam ABear kid?
He's a right keyboard warrior!
by Moose1543 July 12, 2011
The Fluid Thats Leftover after sex, resulting in loss of thought which conjures a -"Warrior"- like Brainfart.
- Resulting In a "Twat" or Retarded child.
Baz - "Shut up you fat shit"

J - "Come say it to my face, Keyboard Warrior"
by JayDrum1991 December 08, 2010
a keyboard warrior is generally someone that is spending more time behind the keyboard (on the internet) than anywhere else. he will not quickly send a text message for a little question, he will not call you for anything - he will send PMs on forums and emails. the keyboard warrior is someone that asks many (often complete and utterly unneccesary) questions all the time on message boards and email, as if he had no logic himself to combine and get his answers from.
keyboard warrior example
by catherina sunbank September 28, 2007
Can be simply defined in one word, YID.
"Woody," is a prime example of a keyboard warrior.
by herts_gooner October 10, 2006

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