A large key-shaped weapon. It has the power to unlock any seal or lock (Assuming the wielder of the keyblade was a chosen keyblade wielder). It is said it can bring both peace and chaos. When the keychain attached to it's rear is replaced with another special keychain, the keyblade may change form into a new keyblade. (Still keeping it's unlocking capabilities)
"So the keyblade can unlock ANY seal?" -Hades
by UserXIII-SnowWind April 08, 2006
Top Definition
A Keyblade is essentially a giant key-like weapon. It can be used in many ways, like to seal the Keyholes of each world or to be used as a weapon. There are many people who wield Keyblades, but only Keyblade Masters, like Sora or the Unknowns from Kingdom Hearts 2, can use the Keyblades to their full potential.
"So, this thing is called a Keyblade..." -Riku
by FinalHazard March 30, 2004
1. A weapon from Kingdom Hearts, which is a videogame series by square enix. The keyblade can change forms as you progress through the game, giving new abilities to the wielder. In Birth by sleep The keyblade was a large part of the the keyblade war, and it is the main weapon in KH apart from the struggle bat. It is said to be able to open ANY seal, but in game the only lock you open is the key to another world; locked doors stay locked.

2. A big Fucking key that can open any lock, except the one the to the bathroom.
Roflmao, Sephiroth got pwned with the winnie the pooh keyblade.
by Seph Infinitum February 15, 2009
A special key that can unlock many things, seal the Keyholes to worlds, and destroy the Heartless. Is weilded like a sword, and can be thrown. Can only be used by the Keyblade Master.
"So, this thing is called a Keyblade?" -Riku
by Kage Tsuwamono September 01, 2003
A Keyblade is a Key shaped weapon, about the size of your average sword, that is used in the game series, Kingdom Hearts. Keyblades have mysterious properties in that only certain people can wield one. Keyblades also have the ability to change forms using different Keychains. A Keyblade can be used to unlock world keyholes in the game Kingdom Hearts and it can easily defeat strange enemies such as Heartless, Unversed, and Nobodies (Nobody). A Keyblade also collects hearts for Kingdom Hearts(Object).
"We need the Keyblade to collect Hearts. Kingdom Hearts will finally be completed!"

-Xemnas "Kingdom Hearts II"
by KeybladeMasterXVIII August 18, 2010
A large key-shaped weapon used in the Kingdom Hearts video games. Its main use, contrary to its name, is to bludgeon black people into submission. However, it can also be used to seal/unseal any lock or pathway, unless otherwise dictated by the game's developers.
Person 1: What's the thing in your hand?

Person 2: This is a Keyblade, a weapon that unlocks anything and can destroy the forces of evil.

Person 1: And all you use it for is beating up the black people?

Person 2: Pretty much. I can't get this door open though.

Person 1: Just use the 'unlock anything' power, then.

Person 2: It doesn't work like that. Duh.
by Eddie Ray July 14, 2010
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