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Due to a translation error, North Americans have been using the term "Unbirth" as the new mysterious enemy in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. But, the real english term is "Unversed"

An Unversed is "the opposite of human life"
"Oh my god, I can't beat this Unversed!"
"The Unversed are the new enemy in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep"
by 19JonJon96 August 28, 2009
Unlike the first defination, the Unversed are beings created from Foul emotions. The rest is true.


Vanitas (Also referred to as 'The Boy in the Mask', or 'The Apprentice') is the cause of the unversed that relentlessly attack Terra, Aqua, and Ventus in the game Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.
"..The unversed are everywhere. Xehanort was rigth about the boy in the mask.."
by The Only Frosty September 22, 2010