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Beast, Monstrous, huge and amazingly cool
Thats so Kevonte
My Dick is Kevonte
Your Kevonte
#beast #monstrous #huge #amazing #cool
by lilshorte06 January 21, 2009
Usually A douche bag shithead who thinks he is a hardass for smoking cigarettes outside of malls. Drinks at parties and can only get poon from hammered girls, but sober, everyone finds him absolute trash. Has been known to fake his drunkenness. Usually hates any guy or girl that hates him, also known as his "HATERZ". Usually meaning girls who have been used or any guy who could beat him senseless.
Guy 1: Man did you see that guy all over sydney last night? She was trashed, and he had like 1 beer. Did you invite him?
Guy 2: Nah dude, that jerk was a ke'vonte.
#nigger #kevonte #swagg chief #douchebag #douche bag #slave #cunt
by faggcheifhater December 26, 2011
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