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A rare specimen of male human that consumes and destroys everything in its path. Kevmos are extremely intelligent, fast, and versatile creatures, but they also consume copious amounts of alcohol and illicit drugs, slowing them down greatly. They have little respect for rules and the government, and have been incarcerated more than once. Most Kevmos were dropped on their heads as children, but this only improved the density of their skulls. Their anatomy is built like industrial machinery, running off gallons of Bacardi 151.
Kevmos where designed by the almighty creator himself, as a gift to mankind. They where to be the perfect beings to rule the world, and establish peace and unity amongst the people. But when the first Kevmo reached earth, he was disgusted by mankind, and took a vow to never become one of them. He became angry at his creator for giving him such unworthy subjects to rule, and lashed out spreading tyranny and evil across the universe.
One look into a Kevmo's eyes, and you can see the raging fire of an animalistic fuck, that will stop at nothing to get whatever he wants. But, in contrast, they can also be very charismatic. Kevmos can find a solution to any known problem in the universe. If they can't fix it, they'll blow it up with c4.
Damn, that Kevmo just walked through a brick wall.

That Kevmo is fucking crazy! You can't believe anything he says. He's just trying to trick you into giving him your gold!

Lets get drunk with Kevmo, hopefully we won't get arrested.
by serialseducer February 01, 2011
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extremely productive american male type exhibiting a highly operative sexual prowess and intelligence
i met this guy the other day, he reminded me of a kevmo
by kevmo February 03, 2005
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Large overweight male.

Main meal consisting of home barbeques
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
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Tall, handsome specimen, cuddly with green eyes. Emits knoxious methane like gases at will. Do NOT approach from behind after meals. Explosive behavior has been linked to ice cream and pasta. Sexy, funny, compassionate if you don't mind the occasional hole blown in your leg during the night.
Kevmo tried with all his might to expel the hideous pain originating from his lower abdomen only to end up launching a MOAT the size of a cantaloupe into oncoming traffic, causing the unfortunate and untimely death of the Democratic candidate.
by Beware of Boston Hallways February 03, 2005
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overly-effeminant hippie male
He can't ever party without whining and bitching about mud on his birks...he's such a kevmo.
by Noah Webster March 23, 2004
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An extremley angry homosexual male. most likley has a tramp stamp
did you see the look on that guys face after u gave him the angry dragon? yea man he looked like a total kevmo
by Jonnymagnum February 19, 2010
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