The armpit of Ontario !
Keswick is a hick town 45 min north of Toronto(the crotch)
by forever23 March 25, 2006
Top Definition
Cumbrian slang for bullshit.
You're chatting pure Keswick mate.
by articulo_morti January 17, 2011
Shit stain of Ontario
"That fucking band Thrillhouse is from Keswick."
by bonestorm666 July 08, 2011
Keswick is a small-ish town about 45 minutes North of Toronto. It's a cute little town off of Lake Simcoe. It's a friendly place to live and a nice town to settle down in. There are things to do in Keswick that can keep you busy, and it's also small enough that you can feel safe just walkin' around it, even at night.. you don't have to be worried about what kinds of creeps are looming around. And it's also quite close to a big mall (approx. 20 mins). So overall Keswick is a wonderful and welcoming place to live and to visit.
Guy 1:"Hey! What're you doing today?"

Guy 2: "I'm gonna be chillin at my home in Keswick! Wanna join me?!"

Guy 1: "Yeah man! K-dot is rad! I'm down!"
by pinkgiraffe January 29, 2011
Mixed Drink
Ingredients :
* 1 can frozen raspberry lemonade
* 1 can raspberry vodka
* 5-8 beers (not malt: pabst, budlight or bud, etc.)
Instructions: dump frozen lemonade into big punch bowl. Use the same empty can and fill it up with rasberry vodka. Dump beers in to taste.
Drinking Keswick will get your guests seriously fucked up.
by 1hundobiz June 15, 2010
A small town made of loud, noisy, irritating bikers, welfare recipients, and anyone else who can't afford to buy a house in the south. On the plus side, it is on the lake, and everyone lives near the beach!
Teenagers in Keswick, in training for riding real motorcycles, ride around on little whining mini-bikes at all hours of day. Makes one feel like exhausting all the tomatoes in the fridge to get them to be quiet.
by Anthrogirl May 23, 2007
A small town in South-Western Ontario, about 45 minutes north of Toronto where hicks live.
Hey man, have you been to Keswick, the chicks are hicks!
by Skeets October 14, 2005

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