A sexual move perfected by the man himself in this move u defecate on ur partners head while getting ur balls tickled and rub it in to ur partners hair and after that you slap the parner with your dick in her face notice i said her and she in turn washes your facal matter off her head and then makes you a sandwich preferabley turkey and ham with swiss cheese on marble rye with a side of ruffles and a powerade for added elctrolytes.
Brandon: "Dude how did last night go?"
Tyler: "It went great man she was smoking hot and i got to Kerry all over her
Brandon: "Thats what im talking about,::high fives::, did she get you those ruffles?"
Tyler:"No i dick slapped her pretty good though"
by Kerry Robinson January 27, 2008
Spiteful, malicious, shallow, pretentious, insecure, fat, hits on every man with a heartbeat, two-faced, incompetent, lazy, stupid, sausage boobs, high maintenance.
She is such a Kerry
by Havel April 23, 2011
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