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The girl's name Kerra \k(er)-ra\ is a variant of Kerry (Irish, Gaelic), and the meaning of Kerra is "black". Kerra is a fun girl, that gets along with most people, both men and women. She's a literary soul, and enjoys the arts, particularly classic movies, books, and Karaoke. A serial spinster, she enjoys the company of many men, especially those like the meaning of her name. Those that can keep the attention of Kerra are rewarded unconditionally.
"Dang, I was waiting around for you for hours! Way to pull a Kerra!"
by broshot February 08, 2010
A crazy ass girl
She's such a Kerra.
by medesto July 03, 2009
c00l3$+ b3+cH 3v3r!!!!!!!!!!!!

kerra !$ +3h $hii+!!!!!!!!!!
by enrique4456465445 January 14, 2007