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southern slang for corn

"wow uncle john, that kern shure was good"
by the leesha October 08, 2006
A replacement for pretty much every word. Especially words such as fuck and other associated type words.
Last night that asshole was being a straight up kern.
Holy kern! Are you okay?
by Lauren and Ali November 13, 2007
A penis
Belinda: Yo Tina, that boy has a big kern!

Tina: Show us ya kern!

Alex: I love kern
by kerninthepants September 14, 2009
A word that can be and describe anything; especially refers to awesometastic asians.
"Yo kern, come here homie"
by cdizzlefosho February 19, 2007
a rare short, breed of bald black man with incredible artistic ability and pimp like skills. See also badass and or pimp.

a state of perfection and ultimate achievement
that is kern. he is so kern. he or she might want to adjust the kern in their life.
by dallilama January 31, 2007
Kern is both a person and an ideal. People seek kern and never find it, you must allow kern to come to you

<3 mib
I was driving around the other day and all of a sudden kern hit me so hard it hurt
by Micah February 18, 2005
one that burns, constantly, mainly hamburger buns and themselves.
kern chared the buns, they are pretty black!
by Kern June 05, 2003