Top Definition
Seiman, Cum
I was making love to my boyfriend last night and he shot Kermy all over me
by Las Vegas Shark July 10, 2008
A word that describes ANYTHING. It can mean:
1) good
2) bad
3) amazing
4) cool
5) ugly
6) naked
7) delicious

whatever you want it to mean!
1) the german chocolate cake was so kermy
2) Jan Jon smells kermy
3) that blowjob was kermy
4) ninja turtles are so fucking kermy
5) Shaun White is the least kermy person in existence
6) the kermy asian jiggled his thighs as he frolicked down the road
7) that cheez-it tasted kermy
by SHAUNwhite July 13, 2009
Meaning BAD~
Not Good
Justin<very kermy.
Scott and Robbie< Oh NOT Kermy:)
"Dude that guy last night was really Kermy, Megan"
by Candi July 25, 2004
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