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one who resides in the Kensington section of Philadelphia who lacks class, often overly proud of being Irish and donning adidas sandals with socks.

most common hairstyle among the females can be distinguished by over-use of hairspray to create "curls".

Typically have multiple children by different partners in the neighborhood and are known for substance abuse, often supported by welfare.

Known for their love of drama and lack of knowledge. Many have not attended school, let alone have obtained a GED.
"Look at that kenzo with no teeth rolling a blunt with their baby in a stroller next to them."

"Wow, I wish that kenzo would stop trying to show me his jailhouse tattoos."

"You belong with those other kenzos on K&A." (Kensington and Alleghey Avenues in Philadelphia, where many drugs and prostitutes float around)
by maceyoface November 14, 2010
NOUN, term for people residing in the Kensington section of the City of Brotherly Love (ie: Philadelphia, PA), and not to be confused with someone from North Philadelphia.
You're buddy in the sally near K&A is a real Kenzo.
by laslo November 02, 2009
An alchoholic drink made with 2 parts rum, 2 parts redbull, 1 part Gingerale. Stirred and served on the rocks, preferably with a straw.
The other night at the party I got hammered off a few Kenzo's.
by KenO July 26, 2013
1. An amazing person.
2. The best brother EVER.
3. Funny, sweet, really cool, smart, weird, so so nice.
4. Very loving.
5. Dependable.
6. Trustworthy.
Kenzo, you rock. ily.
by AndreaQ.* August 28, 2008
When referring to pool, to make a shot where the cue ball succesfully travels aroung the table without hitting any other balls.
Wow you hit 0 balls ! you suck ! That was such a kenzo shot !
by ragequit(rororor) December 23, 2010
A Nigerian term for a guy who has penis for breakfast, preferrably from a 6 year old. This term also describes a guy who likes to engage in coitus with wild animals. This kind of person also likes sticking sharp objects in his anus for sexual pleasure.
Can you believe what that guy has for breakfast? He's such a kenzo.
by thedarkknight38 November 10, 2011
A person of the Asian and Domonican heritage .loves to listen to Latino music .has no respect for little dogs and loves girls in VERRY short shorts .
yeah i just saw kenzo checking out my shorts .i think he needs to stop .
by J.D.Henry August 23, 2008
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