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A wonderful, beautiful person who isn't aware of how great they are.
"Kender, you're so gorgeous."
by Ir0nStein August 30, 2011
a race from the dragonlance world
they are about 4 feet tall, have a long tassle of hair, and are good pickpockets and locksmiths
there favorite weapon is the hoopak
Trapspringer Furrfoot is the most famous kender.
by Dace, deathmage May 04, 2008
Based on the dragonlance race.

This is the act of walking off with something that did not belong to you, but completely unintentionally.
Hey you just kendered that pen!
by seveiht February 23, 2010
A humanoid race from the fantastic world of dragonlance, a Dungeons & Dragons setting.
Kender are a childrenlike race, they are naive and "steal" without knowing it, although they don't do it with bad intention, it's overcuriosity.
Everyone hates kenders, except kender players.
by Jasmin C-L May 17, 2005
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