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To sneak out of the bar without anybody knowing
He pulled a Kempy. We were having a great time and he said' "I gotta take a leak" and we never saw him again.
by Meekie! January 23, 2010
a definition of bloody awsome.

translate exactly into big goodness.

can be used while refering to sexual pleasures, dancing, hairstyles and a deed.

is also used in referance to the female blonde afro.
"omg, you had your hair cut; what a cool kempy!"

"wow that is so kempy!!!"

"cool lets call it kempy"

"your kempy is bigger than your arse"
by AnNaKeMp February 03, 2009
Kempy is a youth with a massive head
God kempy your such a kempy with that head man
by zachface January 23, 2008
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