To masturbate to one's self in a mirror or picture.
Did you see Micah last night? The dude's so full of himself, I bet he's kemping right now.
by NotTheKemper May 06, 2011
Verb. When a male finishes inside a female knowing that there isn't any birth control being used.
Dan met Trisha out at the bar and they went back to her place for some Kemping.
by Wallace Boggs August 24, 2004
Verb. describes Ross Kemp sticking his big, bald, fuck off head into a vagina (or anus) in order to cause shock and awe.
"Why did you just shit yourself?"
"Sorry, Ross was out kemping last night. Bastard got himself right up my arsehole and wore me like a glove."
by matt_leigh September 13, 2014

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