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White girls from the suburbs who love Rap and Hip Hop Music; These girls are typically fat, love attention and the intrusion of others people business
That girl is a total kimp
by 6797167383 February 19, 2015
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1.) an original swagg that may not be your style but you can still respect

2.) a bad (sexy) girl with her own style
she got so much kimp, she a bad bitch
by daddy rar February 15, 2011
action- to creepily dance on another person, particularly a stranger, without his/her knowledge.
The crew had a novel evening where they took pictures of each other kimping strangers at the bars.
by TownBlvd September 06, 2010
A homosexual man or woman
That guy is so fucking kimp
by Johnny12345 March 25, 2008
A gay person who doesn't know he is gay.
for example: "Hey man, I friggin' burning here!"
"Here...let me rub some ointment on your back..."
by Chris teh Foo May 08, 2006

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