Abbreviation of Chemotherapy, but referring to treatment of severe emo-ness. Such term is used when a person is severely and chronically emo. When someone is so emo, they need kEMO so that they can go back to a non-toxic state of sanity.

The process of kEMO might include but is not limited to a referal to Psychiatrist, Therapist, Psychologist, Counselor, and maybe even a Psychiatric ward. Might also include treatment for Anorexia, Bulimia, or Eating Disorder Non Otherwise Specified (EDNOS). kEMO might include a haircut, a Color Ooops Color Remover, and a gift card to go to McDonalds!
Damn, look at that skinny emo dude! Somebody give him some kEMO
#emo #skinny butts #anorexia #bulimia #psycho #psychiatrist psychologist #kemo #chemotherapy #toxins #jeffree star fans #followers #lack of personality
by DoctorViolentEvil February 23, 2009
Top Definition
Short for kemosabe--friend, dude.
In the movie "Stand and Deliver", the students call their teacher Jaime Escalante kemo.
#kemosabe #friend #dude #mister #guy
by tristram2 June 05, 2010
A kiwi emo, or a nickname for a person from new zealand who is emo.
Person 1: I love you Kemo.
Person 2: Thanks, I love you too.
By stander: Why did you call him Kemo?
Person 1: Because he is a kiwi emo!
#kiwi #emo #kemo #one #love
by ashloveskemo August 26, 2009
an emo, who rather than mainly wears black, prefers all the colors of the bright rainbow. Also known as a "colorful emo" but with a K to be cool.
only kemos where yellow skinny jeans.
#colorful #emo #colorful emo #colors #goth
by Rustyknowstheemos December 21, 2008
Simmilar to the word "emo".
Someone who wears a lot of black but does not just listen to emo music.
And someone who is kemo is just a free spirit, and does what they feel like.
Look at him.
He's kemo.
#kemo #emo #goth #free spirit #down to earth
by Devotchka June 25, 2007
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