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A punishment aboard a ship or boat in which the offenders arms are tied to two seperate ropes. He is then thrown off of the ships bow and hauled under the ships keel (bottom) from bow to stern. Ships keels are covered with barnnicals which are sharp ans shred skin. Half the sailors do not survive this punishment due to drowning or loss of blood.
The Ships Bosan's Mate is going to be keel hauled by the Captain for stealin rum.
by Captain Slappy July 10, 2008
Nauseated, hung-over, especially when the state is induced by copious amounts of Captain Morgan.
I woke up this morning feeling like I had been keelhauled.
by |***Steuer***| December 15, 2010
A pirate term meaning to walk the plank and send to the depths of the water.
The pirates keelhauled the thief on their ship.
by ShadowM4st3r March 07, 2010
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