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A medeival naval punishment that involves tying a line to each arm of the convicted sailor and pushing him off the bow of the ship under sail. The sailor was 'hauled' along the barnacle encrusted 'keel' of the vessel aided by the movement of the ship and pulled back aboard at the stern of the ship. It hurt really bad.
"The punishment for stealing rations is keelhauling!"
by steelfish July 29, 2004
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Keelhauling was a form of punishment for sailors at sea. The sailor was tied to a rope looped beneath the vessel, thrown overboard, and then dragged under the keel and up the other side.

Keelhauling was generally a death sentence since it could take as long as three minutes, and perhaps longer, to walk the ropes all the way back to the stern. Often the ropes caught and dragged on barnacles on the ship's hull: the barnacles ripped the victim's clothing and skin to shreds as he was dragged along.
Dont fuck with me, I'll keelhaul youra ss
by Sallos June 04, 2004
A punishment for sailors, in which the sailor is tied up and hauled under the ship along the entire length of the keel resulting in many scrapes, cuts and slivers.
A good keel Haulin' will straighten out that lazy cabin boy.
by Nuculus September 30, 2006
The unsavory practice of surprising a sleeping partner by running the full length of a sweaty grundle across their nose/face.
After a five hour bike ride, Neil couldn't wait to get home, get out of his spandex, and keelhaul his girlfriend.
by Spjork June 02, 2005
v. - invented by pirates, the act of tieing up a person and dragging them through the water behind a boat.
The pirates who found the stow-away keel-hauled the lad until he drowned.
by LoneOutlaw666 May 25, 2004

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