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1. A really ghetto person, verbally or by physical appearance.

APPEARANCE: Usually, a ''KEAK'' will be wearing dark colors, a beanie in the flipped out style commonly seen with a Swisher Sweet tucked under, a pair of Coogi, Evisu, Girbaud, Ed Hardy, or other popular designer jeans sagging excessively, a pair of Air Jordan, Bape, Nike or other urban footwear, regardless if its real or fake. A staple in the dress code is an oversized black hoody, preferrably a Pro-Bay with the hood folded back in half worn on the head, or the ''pillow hood'' look where the hood is flipped inside out behind the head (not worn).

Dialogue: A ''KEAK'' loves talking at loud obnoxious levels, speaking with a lazy tone, slurred words, and uses a large amount of Bay Area street slang in their sentences. Commonly used words are nigga, cuddy, YEEEEE, feel me, bruh, mayne, fucks witt it, yallreddyknodoe, yadadamean, all day every day, bluhd, etc. At the end of every sentence the word 'though' is always used.

Invented in San Bruno, CA
Dem Murda $quad dudez be sum straight up keaks mayne!

The word "KEAK" was established by D.Cruz
by *BiG_DAViD* July 08, 2009
The action of putting your thumb and index finger to your chin while thinking.
Man the meaning of life is making me keak so hard right now.
by Peachy921 August 31, 2011
an apologestic sound or noise after saying something uncalled for or something you have not meant to say.
'you bitch!'
'i didnt say ROBBIE was fine, i said BOBBIE was fine!'
'oops, keak!'
by willyfacedickhead November 19, 2007
The sexiest woman alive is known as a keak.
Kaitlyn is such a keak.
by Ginababy October 17, 2007