a buck tooth guy
he has huge buck teeth with a gap between my teeth
he is related to the beaver
Kaz chopped his teeth through the wood!
by Youhipe March 23, 2008
Top Definition
A very athletic, friendly guy who loves exercise! Kaz will stand up for something that is important to them and is very affectionate to the people he loves. As much as Kaz loves food he also love exercising and keeping fit. A Kaz has big, brown eyes that everyone envies. Kaz is friendly towards everyone he meets and loves to socialize. He is always cautious when he meets new people but once he knows they are good he will become their friend. Kaz will always have your back and will never stop loving you.
Person 1: 'Hey, remember Kaz from college?'
Person 2: 'Dude, who couldn't! Kaz was awesome!'
Person 3: 'Yeah totally! That guy is unforgettable!'
by Anonymous563828 December 23, 2012
A very cool person who never reps anyone back when they request it. Also, a person who puts good people on his ignore list on Instant Messaging. He is a very cool guy, but can act like a dick sometimes. He also supports the independace of Chechnya, which is just plain wrong.
"I repped this guy, and asked him to rep me back".

"Ah, he pulled a Kaz on you, man".
by G.C.L. May 05, 2005
She is the best. She is also very very very very very very very cool.
Have you met Kaz yet? She's the best! :D
by KazKazKaz May 30, 2008
how to describe someone who is lookin really sharp!
Damn your so Kaz today!
by GeorgeS93 November 15, 2010
The greatest person ever. Often obsesses over Ryou Bakura or Joey Wheeler.
Kaz is gonna kick yo' fuckin' ass.
A super big queermo. Biggest dick alive! Has a tiny cock and is a fag.
Ughhh! That guy is such a Kaz
by stuma May 14, 2015
Kaz is short for Kazuya, which is a Japanese name. Kaz is the best friend anybody could ask for. This is a guy that you want to get to know. He will have your back no matter what, and will always be your best friend. He is a great guy, very attractive, and is easy to fall in love with. You definitely want a Kaz in your life.
Oh look at him. Is that Kaz? He's amazing!
by musikmajor May 17, 2013
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