Aussie slang/name abbreviations derived from names that begin with k..
Hey kaz! go get shaz and haz and tell mum to get her azz, back to tas
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
Northern Irish (Specifically Bangor/Newtownards) Term Meaning one who would obtain items disloyally from anybody including but not limited to close friends, deceased relatives and the ocassional small mammal. Survives apon a diet of drugs, fermenting semen, and scavenged high calorie food items and asda own brand cider (also known as 2leets).
Kyle: Did you see that girl kaz earlier?
Don: Yes she was fucking that guy who dances for beer.
by securityguardatthestation February 12, 2010
A popular Canadian furry who's presence and prominance within Yiffchat is greatly appreciated... only not. This definition is really a joke, emphasizing how badly Kaz represents anything that is a furry, completely slamming her and mussing her prettyful fur with mud. Deciding to forego life as a humanbeing, this young and formerly attractive woman has turned wry and dark... but also likes cheese.
I used to love Kaz... before she sprouted fur and turned into a mean little animal who almost bit me.
by Slevin October 22, 2006
One who appears and behaves as though he is much older than his true chronological age.
When Kaz turned 27, he was pretty much 30.
by Scornflax February 04, 2010
A curry muncher
oh that guy smells like India, What a Kaz.
by bruno kaz December 28, 2010
A clan hopper that changes clans at least four times a week. Known for their extremely abusive language and horrible comebacks.
"Wow you were just in aG yesterday and you already have another clan? WTF"
by csg May 09, 2005
A sof2 CTF team
by Psycho June 19, 2003

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