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The coolest friend anyone could ask for. Always knows how to have fun, and is like totally amazable. haha. She is pretty hilarious, and is always there for her friends. She can always tell when someone is upset about something, and can always make them smile. She's a pretty cool person to be around.
person 1: Kaylin is so cool. I'm glad I became friends with her this year.
person 2. Me too. She's awesome.
by taylyr June 28, 2008
1. The Shit.
2. THE shit.
3. The hottest girl in Cali, and the world.
4. happiness
1. Kaylin is The Shit.
2. Kaylin is THE shit!
3. Kaylin has wicked powers to make me happy no matter what she says or does!
A truly beautiful women and definitely the coolest person out there. Shes amazing, and knows how to have fun. She's pretty funny and knows how to make people happy.
She is confident and sexy as hell, however dont mistake her for thinking she is better then everyone, cuz she thinks she is far from it.
Omg Kaylin your are the best!
Damn girl ;)
by Sexi Mammii December 20, 2011
Kaylin is the shit! This girl is everyone's best friend and isn't one to judge. You know you're up for a good time when you're hanging out with her; she's just that awesome. Quiet at first, she has a secretive inner wild child. She has been known to skinny dip and streak on the golf course behind her friend's house. That's how she rolls. Also, she's a beast with some big-ass boobies and her lesser chested friends are jealous. She is the greatest! So suck it bitches! She is ours!
Mary: Kaylin, put your clothes back on!
Kaylin: Don't be jealous of my sexiness
Mary: You're right. I'm sorry, you're awesome
by bullgar June 22, 2010
Kaylin is a great person. Usually shy at first, but once you know her, she is crazy and so fun to be around. Kaylin is a naturally funny person and can make anybody laugh at any time. Kaylin is great with people and can always tell when someone is feeling down. She is very loyal and will stick with her friends no matter what. Kaylin's are usually blonde with blue eyes and they have a great sense of style.
Kaylin's a wonderful person, I'm so lucky to have met her!
by weheyhey October 08, 2013
A very fun, pretty girl. She is known for her unique fashion sense. Usually has a trademark of clothing. She has great style. She is trustworthy, and very nice. She is brave and can make many friends easily. She knows how to make people laugh but her laugh is crazy. She is one to always care about people and puts your needs first. Kaylin's are usually found with big boobs and a nice body.Kaylin's are light going and do not care about many things, but they get scarred very easily. She is an amazing girlfriend and can top a girlfriend u currently have any day. She is one to say she does not like any body, but she actually likes one of her good friends. She is also amazing with interacting with her friends and especially with her boyfriend (wink, wink). She is not afraid to express love to her boyfriend when in public and is not afraid to talk to her boyfriend in public. She is an amazing friend and lover.
by fortuneperson December 17, 2013
A very shy person at first, but when you get to know her…you can't help but loving her. She's kinda a drama magnet though…and she knows this. Kaylin's normally have dark brown hair, and green/blue/brown/golden eyes. There VERY pretty ;p
Bailee, "Kaylin, your SO pretty!"
Kaylin, " No I'm not…I think I'm hideous"
Bailee, "DON'T say that!"
by The sexy one 😀😜 January 08, 2015
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