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a girl whose smile is the most genuine thing ever seen. A girl who is sincere and pure of heart. She is a fun loving lighthearted dreamer. A girl people truly enjoy being around. A Konstantine.
I saw Kaylene today and she brightened my day.
by nlaw May 26, 2009
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The best person you will ever meet by far! if you haven't met her you haven't lived. She is super cool, fun, funny, pretty, and did i mention fun?? The party is at where ever she is. I Wish I was her
The party can start now that KAYLENE is here.
by jollytimepopcorn1234 December 05, 2009
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A girl who never sent me Puma's but stole my heart in the process. A girl who toughs it through my deployments and loves me more and more each day. A girl I am proud to call my MOOKIE and my Wife.
David: Hey Kaylene, did you get a chance to order my shoes?
Kaylene: Umm......
by Stinky ASS! October 11, 2011
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