Top Definition
- A Puerto Rican Goddess , with Long Curly Hair , Amazing Body & Beautiful Smile.

- Gorgeous Girl
" Oh Look ! Thats Kaylen . "

" Oh really ? Shes Beautiful . "
by Lahh' Rocco January 12, 2012
v. FAIL or 2. accomplish something not thought possible usually in an ironic or humorous sense. Often to the folly and misfortune of the accomplished. past: Kaylened
Holy shit, how did you Kaylen so hard on that railing?""Shit next time you try to sit all cool on a railing try not to twitter is down.
by Douglas "Tim Curry" Adams June 26, 2011
someone who is also called frank
1."hey its kaylen" 2. "oh i thought his was name was frank" 1. "yeah frank is short for kaylen" 2. "oh"
by partsource2123 August 27, 2008

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