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A "Pale Goddess". A Kayla usually has flowing dark hair and rich brown eyes. A Kayla is perfectly proportioned, not one aspect too large or too small. The Kayla is artistic, enjoys metal, and has an intelligence of superior. (However, it does not even compare to an Alec) The Kayla is beautiful, creatingeenvy and temptation in everyone's hearts. The Kayla may have self doubt at times, but it gets quickly replaced with compassion for the Kayla's friends. If YOU are a Kayla/ friends with one, you are one of the more lucky people in the world.
*Person 1* Oh my god, that chick over there, is such a Kayla!

*Person 2* Dude, you should ask her out!

*Person 1* Do I look like an Alec to you?

*Person 2* Hmmm... You're right. You are an Edwin at best.
by Quickdren April 26, 2013
what u think about kayla?
....... whorey bitch sound right (:
by yobitchs July 14, 2012
A very pretty girl. Usually shy at first until you get to know her then she opens up a lot more. Smart but kind of ditzy. Always want stability in her life. Likes to be in long term relationships. She wants to get married and have kids as soon as she can. She'd rather be a stay at home mom and wife than actually have a job. When she loves someone she loves them with everything she has and she'll never lose her feelings for you. Will make a very good wife and mother one day. Usually a country girl but still likes to go to the City to do things too. Not very fond of animals but loves kids. Can't sing worth a lick but does it anyways. Dances like a complete retard but has fun doing it. She is a very sweet girl and polite to everyone unless you give her a reason not to be. She can turn into a bitch from hell in 2.5 seconds if you cross her just right...so watch out! Can out drink anybody who comes her way but doesn't drink very often. Doesn't like to diet or exercise because she's happy with the way she looks and doesn't think that she needs to change anything about her. She has a very kind heart and always thinks of others and never puts herself first. She is the funniest chick you will ever meet. She doesn't even have to do anything but she can make you burst into laughter in no time. She's a very sexual person and isn't embarrassed to talk about sex and things of that nature. She's just all around a damn good girl.
Kayla is the best girlfriend a guy could ever have!!! She's so loyal and gorgeous!
by bossassbitch12 March 13, 2014
The best friend you could ever have. She is everything a friend should be, trustworthy funny, hyper, and cool. Usually she is very random and doesn't take much seriously.But if you ever need to talk to her about something serious, don't hesitate to ask. She is a fun loving girl who puts trust in people very easily. She is fun to be around and can act crazy sometimes. She usually has dark brown hair and is kinda short.
"Wow" that Kayla girl is cool.
by SketchyGurls January 27, 2013
Fun to be around, energetic, can party hard, sexy and beautiful woman. Birthday is June 16th. She is short, skinny and attractive. Doesn't have a problem with making friends and doesn't care about how many haters she has. She is loud all the time. Army girl to be and will be. She brightens up my day everyday that I talk to her. We love being around her. She is bluntly honest and doesn't have secrets. Small girl with a big booty
The topics Kayla talks about is beyond me.
by JustAFriendInLogansport June 14, 2013
If beauty had a creator, Kayla would be that girl. :)

Kayla is extraordinary(:
by 417isc00l March 03, 2011
A beautiful and powerful woman that entrances men akin to the sirens of Ancient Greece and just like these mythical creatures the beauty and appeal is a ruse. A Kayla draws you in and siphons your energy from you much like a vampire or succubus. This 'siphoning' eventually becomes bothersome and boring to her and she discards the used husk of a man like a gnawed apple core. When approaching a Kayla one should proceed with caution and being armed with an improvised weapon fashioned from razor sharp wit or an iron will can increase your odds of survival. Again, take caution, these creatures are dangerous and cunning, few can resist their wiles and even fewer walk away unscathed.
The Kayla smiled and behind her beautiful eyes a hungry predatory darkness lurked barely within view.

The Kayla has arrived, prepare to hate yourself.
by The Dark Comedian June 12, 2013
kayla is my bestie
by kaylasbestie August 08, 2011