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Most generally have gorgeous and straight brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes
Kayla’s are energetic beyond comprehension! Make a lot of Mistakes in there life time. They have unlimited imagination and enjoy Anime, video games, gambling and fantasy. They are conventionally beautiful but enjoy a tom-boyish lifestyle, unfettered by tons of make-up, fashion trends and gossip. They are good in math and also enjoy history. Sometimes She may act like she's 6 but that’s the best part. She is lazy but will do anything for you. The most beautiful girl to walk the earth. The Most random person in the world. Will dance and sing to any specific music. Most likely to be blonde. Kayla’s are not skinny but not fat cares a lot about her family and especially her friends. Tends to be very emotional at times, all in all, she's hard to understand, hard to describe any further, she's not normal, but she's not weird, she's just a Kayla.
can make mistakes, kayla, a girl name, goofy, crazy
by Unknown0123 August 10, 2009

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