A "Pale Goddess". A Kayla usually has flowing dark hair and rich brown eyes. A Kayla is perfectly proportioned, not one aspect too large or too small. The Kayla is artistic, enjoys metal, and has an intelligence of superior. (However, it does not even compare to an Alec) The Kayla is beautiful, creatingeenvy and temptation in everyone's hearts. The Kayla may have self doubt at times, but it gets quickly replaced with compassion for the Kayla's friends. If YOU are a Kayla/ friends with one, you are one of the more lucky people in the world.
*Person 1* Oh my god, that chick over there, is such a Kayla!

*Person 2* Dude, you should ask her out!

*Person 1* Do I look like an Alec to you?

*Person 2* Hmmm... You're right. You are an Edwin at best.
by Quickdren April 26, 2013
A major bitch. A person named "Kayla" will be a greedy and ungrateful, and have huge troubles with friends. If you are friends with a Kayla, she will either be really depressing or get into lots of verbal fights.
I mean seriously, you are being SUCH a Kayla!
by isen123 December 16, 2013
She beyond gorgeous & very sexy ;). A girl who isn't the tallest person, but doesn't care. She doesn't care what people think/say about her, just loves being herself:). Very random & loud & says the weirdest things cx. Shes lazy, funny, & awesome(B. Has an amazing personality. Known to be a flirt, but when someone has her heart shes faithful. When she says she loves you she means it, with everything shes got <3. She's herself & will NEVER change for anyone & doesn't expect anyone to change for her. Doesn't care if shes popular or not. She loves making people smile :D . Sometimes she had dumb moments. Speaks her mind. It’s very hard for her to trust people. She doesn't like liars, cheaters or fake people. She also has a crazy side, shes an amazing friend, & she can be serious or crazy as hell when needed. She BITES!!! So like don’t make her mad. She tends to be very perverted and known to have a nasty/sexy mind xD & she is always HOORRRNYY !!! ;)
Were's kayla at? I cant see her shes to short.
by Unicorn Dick January 21, 2013
Is tall and has brown hair with big brown eyes. Is caring and always there or others. She always puts her friends before herself because she's great. Is classy and not trashy. And she is really smart. But most of all she is beautiful and has the most caring heart. Kayla is just amazing.
Kayla is a cool girl
by Glencoco89 October 29, 2012
Noun. One of your male friends' girlfriend; a girl who is off-limits because she is dating one of your friends.
"Back off that girl, she's a Kayla."
by AustJim November 23, 2009
ONE HOT MAMA! :) she looks like a stripper but acts like an angel. Can have quite a perverted sense of humor, but always funny! Loves friends, shopping, shoes, and boys! Even though she's hot, she is still super smartt! The guys love her and the girls love to hate her. makes other chicks go home and cry because they arent her!
Guys: DAMN, look at that kayla!
Girls: Damn it, look at that kayla...:( i wanna be her
by kaykayrox March 29, 2011
Your typical ginger bitch. Need i say more? Well a "Kayla" is usually the kind of person that has nothing better to do with their life but sit on club penguin all day and eyeball fuck the shit out of all the other players. When they arent at home getting kinky with animated animals, "they" are usually at school fingering themself under their desk. On rare occasions they will get so horny they jack off their dog who usually has a name of "Boo Boo" or "Sadie"
Bill: "Dayumm Kayla is looking hot today"
Nick: " No you dont want to mess with her shes nasty, she gets horny off of club penguin."
Bill: "oh... ewwwwww"
by 6472383629994777 September 19, 2012
Kayla is a person that no mater how many time u may tell here not to do something she will go off and do what she wants to she loves to have fun and love to eat but still is a pretty picky eater likes to be involved in drama not know to back down from a augment or fights can sometime be an asshole but is a sweet heart at the same time she means what she says but offend goes back on her word in the name of love.
kayla is an amazing and beautiful girl
by gtuoiegiegj853put9eijri5g8530d February 18, 2013

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