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A girl who will change your life.
A girl who is just so amazing, so wonderful,
that can make you smile just by looking at her.
Smart, beautiful, amazing, cool, funny, cute, and outgoing.
If you find a girl like this,
you're set for life.
I love my Kayce.
by omfgdudewtf February 24, 2010
93 32
my baby girl who i love with all of my heart. shes perfect in every way and makes this world turn. her smile makes me melt he eyes hypnotize me and her beauty takes my breath away <3 9.21.08
i am so in love with kayce :)
by colombo91 May 27, 2009
62 40
The way " Kayce " is spelt, it's unusual; but very unique. Kayce can be a know it all at times. Also quite bitchy, as some would say. But then again Kayce could be the nicest girl you know. A Kayce normally has red, or brown hair. "Kayce's" are the bestfriends you could ever have.
Woah, she's so nice. I bet her name is Kayce (:
by KayJo. :) May 04, 2010
41 26
A girl (guy) who thinks she knows everything. Either very tall, or very short. Loud and opinionated. Very smart.
"Dude, did you hear how loud she was?"

"Yeah, she's such a frickin' Kayce!"
by Momo, chya :] April 17, 2008
59 62
A person who is extremely bitchy and doesn't care about anybody but themselves.
Boy; Samantha is acting like a Kayce.
Boy 2; I know, I thought she was really hot, but now all I see is a stuck up bitch.
by misstomlinson May 28, 2009
36 72